As a survivor of domestic violence, there is not much that can keep Gwen Wiesen Dobrowski from fighting for her client’s rights and seeking justice.

Gwen ensures that her clients understand that she “gets it”, that is the physical, emotional, and financial abuse and the resulting toll it can take on an individual and loved ones when they are the victim of abuse. These horrific acts can come unexpectedly from anywhere. Gwen Wiesen Dobrowski, as a survivor of abuse, is here to help those individuals get the justice they deserve.

Gwen strives to protect those who have been abused by both individuals and entities. If you are looking for a lawyer who will give you the personal attention you deserve, has the determination and dedication you deserve, and who really understands what you’re going through, Gwen Wiesen Dobrowski is the veteran Texas Trial Lawyer for you.

Victims of abuse are found in family and divorce situations, the corporate world, workplace violence, lease contracts, unsafe environments, and healthcare environments that hide the truth about bad doctors.

Too often, victims think it is impossible to escape but the resulting gifts are incredibly rewarding: freedom, self-confidence, self-esteem and healthy boundaries, to name a few. Another wonderful gift is that a survivor can be a healthy role model and example to others who want to get out of the cycle of abuse themselves, whether in the workplace, their living environment or by their healthcare provider. Abuse happens to individuals in many more scenarios than in the family or a marriage environment.

Gwen Wiesen Dobrowski can help you obtain the relief you deserve. As a survivor, she has made it her mission to assist individuals in getting the help the need to end their abuse and seek justice.

In family and divorce situations, the cycle of abuse must be stopped to prevent generations of victims from being produced. 

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